Testimonials About Dr. Cannavo

I highly recommend Dr. Joanne Cannavo as a counselor. When my husband and I were facing trials that nearly caused our separation, her counsel was wise and so helpful. Today we are growing closer and stronger in our commitment to our marriage, and to each other because of the direction she gave us. We are forever grateful for her sage advice. Thank you, Dr. Cannavo!
East Aurora, NY

I am tremendously grateful to Dr Joanne Cannavo for taking my phone call in late December 2016. Dr. Cannavo could hear in my voice that I was in “crisis mode”, and even though the holidays were upon us, she agreed to see both my husband and I the next day. Our appointment with her was very calming and quickly put my mind to ease. Dr. Cannavo was able to validate our feelings and guide us back into direction and focus. Our sessions together with her we’re productive and professional. I personally found Dr. Cannavo as a great help, very considerate and safe in her care. I continued on individually as a client and would recommend the experience of her Marriage retreats!
Stephanie N.
Williamsville, NY

We were in dire straits walking into Dr. Cannavo’s office. She was amazing at keeping the atmosphere in check while holding us accountable for our contributions to our dysfunction. It was well balanced however with empathy and reassurances that communication can improve but that it was up to us to make it happen. Dr. Cannavo equipped us with the tools we needed to move forward. I would highly recommend her to any couple. She’s professional, compassionate and honest. Thank you Dr. C for being there!
Hamburg, NY

I started seeing Dr. Cannavo individually for some help with some anger I was harboring towards my in-laws. Eventually my husband started coming along and she helped us to develop some boundaries. Dr. Cannavo helped me to overcome my anger and helped me manage how I navigate certain problems or incidents that happen. My husband now sees her individually too. She has been a great help with our relationship with one another and my own relationship with my in-laws.
Kimberly M.
Cheektowaga, NY

I can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Cannavo and what a huge difference she made in the lives of my children. She is a compassionate, warm and caring doctor who truly cares for her patients. It is obvious that she enjoys her work and has a gift for connecting with children. My children loved meeting with her and benefited from every session with her. They truly felt Dr. Cannavo’s interest in their feelings and situation at hand. I saw tremendous improvements in their mental health while under her care. We are so thankful to her and absolutely recommend her to everyone.
Clarence, NY